Currently I am working on building my portfolio for photoshoots and session work. Check out a sneak preview of my most recent shoot.

So proud of my Apprentices at Bangtown. They started in February of this year, and continue to blow me away with how much they grow each week. Ainsley
This is Ainsley, Zachary’s long hair model. He did a beautiful job on her layers. Great work!

The second photo is one of Lindsay’s Mens haircuts. So nice on him!

And, the third photos is Sheldon, one of my four apprentices. Hard at work!

New Designs


Here are my most recent designs…..round one. I am simply in love with pattern drafting and I think I am having most fun with architectural shapes. Outrageous…like the rest of my designs (hair bows and pasties?!)
Let me know your thoughts..don’t comment on the photography though!

Here are a few more nice pasties to get your excitement on! Come to Craftacular on Sunday, Feb. 7th to get your own pair! P.S. My mom says she wants a pair, they are so cute!

Here are a couple of my creations for my craft show, Craftacular
Cha-cha’s for your Chi-Chi’s or Bitty’s for your Titty’s (my bro’s idea)…whatever you like to call them…

They’ll be on sale one week before Valentines Day so you can rock ’em for your baby!

Take the next two weeks to take a burlesque class or two and find a song, Bitty style that suits you, and show ’em what your made of! yowza!

Cha-Cha's for your Chi-Chi's

I love the style of this man. During my pattern making class, I dream about designing for men who want to look this way. Just so classy.

Great Unique Styloe

FNART Designs.



I just started making these outrageous hair bows, and mostly wearing them around town for myself.  I decided to be a part of a craft show that a couple of girls and myself from work started, called Craftacular, in which I tried to sell my hair bows. No such luck.  I don’t think Vancouver knows fashion when it hits them in the eye by a large bow!

Ugh. Do I dare try again next week? I think so. I think I will print off amazing photos of girls rocking them in the UK, and designers using them on the runway. Perhaps once they know how cool I truly am and how fashion forward these Haute Hair Bows are, they’ll dig into their pockets and support local fashion designers. Call me crazy? We’ll see!



Melissa's Menswear CollectionSo, this is my first shot at menswear- well, at least showing it to a crowd!  I usually design for Colin (my fiance) but have never created a men’s collection yet.  I was asked to be in a local fashion show which was a fundraiser called “Life’s Basics”, raising money to help build new water wells in Tanzania.

In any case, I left myself two weeks to design and sew! UGH! Why do I constantly put myself in such stressful situations?   I threw together some men’s tops, vests and crazy knotted scarves!  And, thanks to the help of my beloved friend, Dani, we actually finished the pieces in time! 

Most of all, I had my wonderful guy friends model for me…such big thanks to them!