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So in love with these clothing styles.  I can’t stop being inspired by  Europe. Helsinki Street Style, and Copenhagen Street Style are my fav’s Advertisements



So, this is my first shot at menswear- well, at least showing it to a crowd!  I usually design for Colin (my fiance) but have never created a men’s collection yet.  I was asked to be in a local fashion show which was a fundraiser called “Life’s Basics”, raising money to help build new water […]

I am loving leather these days. I don’t own any, yet. But I am loving the look, and idea of working with it. I would only use old, recycled, preloved leather, of course.  I think this is a whole new endeavor that I am about to embark on, and who knows what will come of […]

So, Denny and Joanna’s friend Cameron opened this cool new store kitty-corner from us called Mark-It. Joanne and I went there today to check it out, and oh-my-gosh super cool! I was so excited to see the dramatic wall paper entirely covering the store with images of Tokyo and one-off t’shirts hanging! I love t-shirts! […]