So in love with these clothing styles.  I can’t stop being inspired by  Europe. Helsinki Street Style, and Copenhagen Street Style are my fav’s


I just started making these outrageous hair bows, and mostly wearing them around town for myself.  I decided to be a part of a craft show that a couple of girls and myself from work started, called Craftacular, in which I tried to sell my hair bows. No such luck.  I don’t think Vancouver knows fashion when it hits them in the eye by a large bow!

Ugh. Do I dare try again next week? I think so. I think I will print off amazing photos of girls rocking them in the UK, and designers using them on the runway. Perhaps once they know how cool I truly am and how fashion forward these Haute Hair Bows are, they’ll dig into their pockets and support local fashion designers. Call me crazy? We’ll see!



Melissa's Menswear CollectionSo, this is my first shot at menswear- well, at least showing it to a crowd!  I usually design for Colin (my fiance) but have never created a men’s collection yet.  I was asked to be in a local fashion show which was a fundraiser called “Life’s Basics”, raising money to help build new water wells in Tanzania.

In any case, I left myself two weeks to design and sew! UGH! Why do I constantly put myself in such stressful situations?   I threw together some men’s tops, vests and crazy knotted scarves!  And, thanks to the help of my beloved friend, Dani, we actually finished the pieces in time! 

Most of all, I had my wonderful guy friends model for me…such big thanks to them!

I am loving leather these days. I don’t own any, yet. But I am loving the look, and idea of working with it. I would only use old, recycled, preloved leather, of course.  I think this is a whole new endeavor that I am about to embark on, and who knows what will come of it. But I think it is chic, utilitarian, sexy and screams confidence. Perhaps that’s why I am drawn to it…wishing I was all of those things.

Here’s one of my fav’s: Mike & Chris

Leather hoodies? What more could one ask for, especially if they are truly soft and worn like a hoodie…I could LIVE in hoodies. Beautiful creation. 

OOO. I also love the good vintage shops like Mintage in Gastown and Wasteland on Melrose, CA for leather. mmmm.

spicy hot


so i work at this amazingly cool salon called BANGTOWN HAIR SALOON on Pender and Richards in Vancouver, and it f*&$&% rocks! I love the people I work with, and actually just love waking up and coming to work. Best atmosphere ever- good rock-n-roll, great clients, doing what I love and just laughing all day. Oh, and the death of me at Bangtown is the $1.50 pizza nearby at 2001 flavors..oh my goodness…so good. All of us here have decided TODAY is the day to stop eating the pizza (but we say this everyday). Denny finally set up a boxing bag in the back…do you think thats a hint that he wants his gorgeous stylists to stay fit?! lol…

Anyway, my mouth is spicy hot from the Franks hot sauce I smothered on my pizza slice. mmmmm

So, Denny and Joanna’s friend Cameron opened this cool new store kitty-corner from us called Mark-It. Joanne and I went there today to check it out, and oh-my-gosh super cool! I was so excited to see the dramatic wall paper entirely covering the store with images of Tokyo and one-off t’shirts hanging! I love t-shirts!

So, Joanne and I tried on clothing for a while, and I decided on a white t with a cowl-neck drape, and on the drape was a houndstooth print of a scarf! lol…looks like i was too tired to put my scarf on so i threw on the t instead. i find it humorous, and apparently others think it’s cool judging by the response I’ve had today!

Check out Mark-It on Pender and Richards! Go support Cameron and then come to Bangtown for a new cut!